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callea [userpic]

I just found out 2 of my Sam/Daniel videos were nominated for the Blue Moon Awards

Never heard of them before, but their nominations are still open until Feb. 15. So if you know any SG-1 stuff you want to nominate for an award, better get over there.

callea [userpic]

The only way this story would be more funny is if he'd had a Jaffa staff weapon instead.

From the Colorado Springs Gazette.

callea [userpic]

I know I haven't posted or done much online lately, but I just came across something that really irritated me.

Somebody had the nerve to post one of my videos without giving any credit. They even took the effort to edit out my name from above the musical artists credit at the end.


At first I thought they stole it off my you tube account, but then I noticed that the date is before I started posting my videos on there. They stole if from my website.

I don't know whether people steal other people's videos often or not (I hope not), but maybe vid makers should use a watermark for the whole video if their software has the capability.

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callea [userpic]

Title: The Hollow
Music: The Hollow by A Perfect Circle
Editing: Callea

River and Jayne must feed the hunger. I was going to explain more, but I think I'll leave it open to interpretation. I will say though that the basic concept was 'sex and violence'.

The HollowCollapse )

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callea [userpic]

Here's a bunch of 24 and Kiefer Sutherland icons I made like 2 years ago and never managed to post... or finish. I didn't get much more than the cropping done on some. I'm not going to work on them anymore, but I wanted to share them with anyone who wants them.

Feel free to use any without text as bases. Please give credit for anything you use though. No hotlinking.


IconsCollapse )

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callea [userpic]

Title: Unspoken
Author: Callea
Rating: PG13 for violence and grown-upish themes and language
Category: Drama/Angst
Warning: Not a feel-good piece

Notes: This is a follow-up to thecricket's fic Mistakes based on the bunny by jynnantonnyx28. I thought it was a great fic and a great follow-up idea.

Also, this is my first Rayne fic, so I hope you like. Unbetaed, so all mistakes are my own. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

Summary: After getting kicked off Serenity for breaking River's heart, Jayne finds himself in a situation he wasn't exactly looking forward to.

UnspokenCollapse )

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callea [userpic]

Avalon Pt. 2 spoilersCollapse )

callea [userpic]

more Avalon Pt 1Collapse )

callea [userpic]

Yay! The final chapter has arrived. Sorry to make you all wait. It took longer than I'd expected (doesn't everything?). Hope you like it.

Title: Soul Searching
Author: Callea
Category: Sam/Pete & Sam/Jack (implied), Sam/Daniel (friendship and something. . .a bit more complicated)
Spoilers: Anything up to and including S8 Endgame, especially S7 Grace
Season/Sequel info: Season 8. Sometime after Endgame and before Threads
Rating: R (see content warnings)
Content Warnings: language, sexual situations
Summary: Sam must decide between Pete and Jack. But will a mistake she makes with a friend complicate the situation?

"I’d invite you in, but. . . "

Chapter 12
Main Story Page

callea [userpic]

I went to the Stargate con on Sunday with Chris Judge, Michael Shanks, and Torri Higginson. I met some cool people, got some photo ops with CJ & MS, and got my pic taken with a Jaffa. The bad thing is that I was dense as hell and forgot my camera, so I didn't get any pics. :(

report from CJ & MS's panelCollapse )

At the autographs, Chris had to catch a flight, so he got up and went down the line so that he would make it on time. The woman in front of me had a custom made archeologist whumping poster for Michael to sign. She said someone made it for her, and Michael got on the phone to the person who made it to ask what particular interest they had in seeing an archeologist whumped. When I got to Michael, I asked him if, since he does personal phone calls, I had a lot of people I'd like him to yell at for not coming. He asked, "A lot?" I told him a bunch of friends wouldn't come just because they didn't watch Stargate. In personalizing my autograph, he started to spell my name wrong, but was able to correct it. You can tell where it was wrong if you know about it, but that's okay. Michael looked at me to ask what else to write. My mind drew a blank, and the guy right behind me in line (well, he was in front when we started, but I just realized we ended up switching places as we were talking and moving in line) suggested he write his phone number. Michel wrote "All my <3. XO," and I got x's and o's in a little tick-tac-toe game on my autograph that I didn't get before. My new friend behind me requested that Michael not include x's or o's on his. Since he was in the Navy, he and Michael joked about it not being that kind of Navy.

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